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Quiz Night

Tuesday from 7.30pm Quiz Night
See Booking Rules Below

Wednesday 2-1 Meal Deal

Wednesday 2-1 Meal Deal from 5pm

Happy Hour

Friday Happy Hour from 4pm to 7pm

Quiz Booking Rules

Effective Feb 2023

The following procedures have been brought in to allow not only the continued support by our regular players but also freeing up additional space for casual newcomers.

1. No guarantee of a certain table is given upon taking a booking. Tables will be allocated by group size at The Patriot’s discretion although the guest preference is taken into consideration

2. Any ‘Table Booking’ guests NOT arrived within 5mins from their booked time will forfeit their table unless no walk ins.

3. If a group forfeits their ‘Table Booking’ on any week due lateness, cancellation or large reduction in team numbers, they are NOT allowed to book a subsequent week. They must take chance as a walk in and gain the first right to book a following week.

4. Only the existing ‘Table Bookings/occupiers’ have first RIGHT to REBOOK for the next week. This MUST be done prior to the end of that QUIZ night.

5. Prize Vouchers MUST be used by the end of the Quiz night either to pay a TAB or buy beverage after Quiz game. No change, refund or carry over is given.

6. The 1st and 2nd Place winners will carry a Handicap Card to their next game. The handicap Card must be played at a subsequent game before they can again be entitled to become a 1st and 2nd winner.

7. No 1st and 2nd winner can win the following week.

Suggestions to guests

Don’t be late

Open a Tab and spend

Don’t cancel or make changes on the Day